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 Progressive Galactic Conquest

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PostSubject: Progressive Galactic Conquest   Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:55 am

In this little tutorial we'll deal with "progressive" GCs.
By progressive GC I mean a GC that automatically loads up the next GC after the game was won/lost.
So,if you have too many planets to fit in one GC divide them into sectors and make several smaller GCs instead.
For Example:

(GC2 and GC3 should basically be the same GC with one little difference which I will explain later)

Then put these events in the story file of the first GC ("GC1"):
Quote :

<!-- load this GC if the rebel faction wins -->
<Event Name="STORY_VICTORY_Rebel">
<Reward_Param2>1</Reward_Param2> <!-- if you set this to 0 the game will send you back to the main menu -->

<!-- Load this GC if the Empire faction wins -->
<Event Name="STORY_VICTORY_Empire">

So, you see in the example above that, depending on who wins the GC a new GC is loaded.

Why does it make a difference who wins?

The answer is simple: it allows us to give the winning faction some bonuses in the next GC if GC2 and GC3 have different story files attached to them, which is the difference between the two GCs that I mentioned earlier.

So, if you play the rebels and you win GC2 is loaded, which has the for example this story file attached to it:
Quote :

But if the Empire wins the game will load up GC3 with this story file:
Quote :

And that's all there is to it Smile

A variant of the progressive GC: The sector map

I have used this method myself before. Basically you create a GC with planets as placeholders as sectors and as soon as you land on one of those planets a new GC is loaded. Once the GC is won/lost you'll be send back to the sector map and a new sector gets unlocked. And then the whole thing starts again.

I have posted a video on this a few years ago:

I hope it became clear what I was getting at. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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Progressive Galactic Conquest
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